Information for unlicensed reporting agents

Getting started with the IS SCP

for agents with a one-factor authentication or for unlicensed agents:

-           agents whose reporting obligation is governed by the provisions of Article 8 of Act No 202/1995 Coll. - the Foreign Exchange Act (and amending Act No 372/1990 Coll. on non-indictable offences, as amended), as amended by Act No 602/2003 Coll.

-           payment institutions and electronic money institutions


1.         Introduction

The information system Statistics Collection Portal (IS SCP) is a tool for the collection, processing, storage, distribution and publication of data received from all reporting agents. It became operational on 2 January 2016.

2.         IS SCP User Guide

The IS SCP User Guide may be found here:

3.         Registration for access to the IS SCP

The registration process for unlicensed agents is described in Annex 2 of the User Guide.

To register for access to the IS SCP, it is necessary to have a workstation that meets the technical requirements laid down in Chapter 7 of the IS SCP User Guide. 

4.         NBS contact persons

IS SCP administrator

E-mail: szp[at]

If for any reason the IS SCP is inaccessible, please contact any of the following NBS staff members:

Mgr. Zuzana Kubranová - tel.: 02/5787 2284
Igor Tilandy - tel.: 02/5787 2285
Marek Rybárik - tel.: 02/5787 2281
Silvia Buchtová - tel.: 02/5787 2246

IS SCP methodologist

For questions about the IS SCP's functionality, any of the following NBS staff members may be contacted:

Ing. Mária Tencerová - tel.: 02/5787 2692, e-mail.: maria.tencerova[at]
Ing. Jozef Klotton - tel. č.: 02/5787 2613, e-mail.:jozef.klotton[at]
Ing. Ivan Kvasnica - tel. č.: 02/5787 2605, e-mail.:ivan.kvasnica[at]
Ing. Tatiana Jurkivová - tel. č.: 02/5787 2686, e-mail.:tatiana.jurkivova[at]
Ing. Milan Florián, CSc. - tel. č.: 02/5787 2698, e-mail.:milan.florian[at]

NBS staff members are available to answer questions on business days between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.