MFI Interest Rates Statistics - Outstanding Amounts

MFI Interest Rates Statistics - Outstanding Amounts 2)

(percentages per annum ; rates on new business as average of the period; rates on outstanding amounts as end-of-period, unless otherwise indicated)

This table contains a selection of euro area and national MFI interest rates, chosen according to their importance at the euro area level. Some of the rates may reflect only small new business volumes or outstanding amounts in one or more of the participating countries. Besides, data subject to statistical confidentiality at the national level are also not given.

2.            Outstanding amounts
2.1.       Deposits
2.1.1.       From households with agreed maturity up to 2 years0.520.780.270.441.660.400.420.280.651.300.760.581.050.420.871.390.440.430.80-
2.1.2.       From households with agreed maturity over 2 years--------------------
2.1.3.       From hoh-financial corporations with agreed maturity up to 2 years0.350.290.330.251.560.130.410.520.420.390.860.161.12-
2.1.4.       From non-financial corporations with agreed maturity over 2 years--------------------
2.2.       Loans
2.2.1.       To households  For house purchase up to 1 year2.325.081.922.544.202.491.752.691.  For house purchase over 1 year and up to 5 years--------------------  For house purchase over 5 years2.552.601.962.483.293.041.661.311.092.622.622.632.331.953.153.671.122.332.21-  Consumer credit and other loans up to 1 year6.6613.814.905.426.217.2611.879.366.144.2013.059.394.853.866.185.5611.986.3120.47-  Consumer credit and other loans over 1 year and up to 5 years --------------------  Consumer credit and other loans over 5 years4.238.832.794.144.754.216.884.362.044.076.413.954.481.774.993.445.654.526.30-
2.2.2.       To non-financial corporations  Loans with agreed maturity over 5 years2.432.571.982.564.102.502.002.111.362.273.942.982.571.933.872.992.662.192.32-  Loans with agreed maturity up to 1 year2.402.311.821.955.242.532.792.121.781.595.533.382.991.383.901.443.522.792.84-

-    related data do not exist, subject to statistical confidentiality or data are not yet available

1) Euro area data cover the EU Member States that had adopted the euro at the time to which the statistics relate. Slovenian data are included in euro area aggregates as of January 2007, Cypriot and Maltese data are included as of January 2008, Slovakian data are included as of January 2009 and Estonian data are included as of January 2011. Country data for periods prior to a country's entry into the euro area may not be fully comparable with those after that date.
2) Data as of June 2010 may not be fully comparable with those prior to that date owing to methodological changes arising from the implementation of Regulations ECB/2008/32 and ECB/2009/7 (amending Regulation ECB/2001/18) together with other changes to the statistical reporting framework and practices in several euro area countries.

The list below indicates the sources of the data and the corresponding user support addresses. Please address any queries relating to euro area aggregates to the European Central Bank, and those relating to national data to the relevant national central bank.

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Euro area - European Central Bank statistics[at]
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AT - Oesterreichische Nationalbank statistik.hotline[at]
BE - Nationale Bank van België/Banque Nationale de Belgique datashop[at]
CY - Central Bank of Cyprus statistics-cy[at]
DE - Deutsche Bundesbank statistik-s101[at]
EE - Eesti Pank ecbdata.mfs[at]
ES - Banco de Espana be-estad[at]
FI - Suomen Pankki - Finlands Bank
FR - Banque de France sasm[at]
GR - Bank of Greece mfm_sec.stat[at]
IE - Central Bank of Ireland statsadmin[at]
IT - Banca d'Italia statistiche[at]
LU - Banque centrale du Luxembourg
MT - Central Bank of Malta statistics[at]
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PT - Banco de Portugal distat[at]
SI - Banka Slovenije fs[at]
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