Securities Issues Statistics - Outstanding amounts of quoted shares

Securities Issues Statistics - Outstanding amounts of quoted shares

(EUR millions; market values)

This table shows the national contributions to the outstanding amounts, gross issues and net issues of quoted shares issued by euro area residents, broken down by sector of the issuer.

Outstanding amounts
Total economy5,711,1833,43091,242266,4775,1011,435,8101,828602,852155,6781,623,35366,325291,464514,30370,1133,248679,49266,2965,676894-
Monetary financial institutions642,7711,34020,342038064,7720198,9274,843161,49830,91822,249115,47201,5967,29913,15300-
Financial corporations other than MFIs765,69107,79066,9573,389121,878019,02521,38466,65786918,29048,60120,519897362,2521,1468350-
Non-financial corporations4,302,7202,09163,110199,5201,3321,249,1601,828384,900129,4511,395,19834,538250,925350,23149,594755309,94151,9974,841894-
Gross issues
Total economy1,99300348018013696417401,1191942021000-
Monetary financial institutions5000000000050000000-
Financial corporations other than MFIs154001120100028033113000000-
Non-financial corporations1,8350023601701369638940783642021000-
Net issues
Total economy912003480501369636640-85319420-314000-
Monetary financial institutions5000000000050000000-
Financial corporations other than MFIs-900011201000280-2691300-212000-
Non-financial corporations997002360401369633840-5896420-102000-

-    related data do not exist or, subject to statistical confidentiality or data are not yet available

1) The euro area aggregate for the whole time series refers to the euro area composition as per the latest reference period.

MFIs - Monetary Financial Institutions

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