The quarterly financial accounts for individual sectors of the national economy

The table shows the financial links between the various sectors in the economy through the eight basic financial instruments (methodology).
(in thousands of EUR)

Total (S1S2)Rezidents total (S1)Non-financial corporations (S11)Financial corporations total (S12)Central bank (S121)Other monetary financial institutions (OMFI) (S122S123)Non-MMF investment funds (S124)Other financial intermediaries, except insurance corporations and pension funds (S125)Financial auxiliaries, Captive financial institutions and money lenders (S126S127)Insurance corporations (IC) (S128)Pension funds (PF) (S129)General government total (S13)Central government (S1311)Local government (S1313)Social security funds (S1314)Households (S14)Non-profit institutions serving households (NPISHs) (S15)Rest of the world total (S2)Member States and institutions and bodies of the European Union (S21)Non-member countries and international organisations non-resident of EU (S22)Rest of the world (S23)
AF1 - Monetary gold and special drawing rights---------------------
  AF11 - Monetary gold---------------------
  AF12 - Special drawing rights---------------------
AF2 - Currency and deposits---------------------
  AF21 - Currency---------------------
  AF22 - Transferable deposits---------------------
  AF29 - Other deposits---------------------
AF3 - Debt securities---------------------
  AF31 - Short-term debt securities---------------------
  AF32 - Long-term debt securities---------------------
AF4 - Loans---------------------
  AF41 - Short-term loans---------------------
  AF42 - Long-term loans---------------------
AF5 - Equity and investment fund shares---------------------
  AF51 - Equity---------------------
    AF511 - Listed shares---------------------
    AF512 - Unlisted shares---------------------
    AF519 - Other equity---------------------
  AF52 - Investment fund shares or units---------------------
    AF521 - Money market fund shares or units---------------------
    AF522 - Non-MMF investment fund shares---------------------
AF6 - Insurance, pension and standardised guarantees---------------------
  AF61AF66 - Non-life insurance technical reserves and Provision for calls under standardised guarantees---------------------
  AF62 - Life insurance and annuity entitlements---------------------
  AF63AF64AF65 - Pension entitlements, claims of pension funds on pension managers, entitlements to non-pension benefits---------------------
AF7AF71AF72 - Financial derivatives and employee stock options---------------------
AF8 - Other accounts receivable/payable---------------------
  AF81 - Trade credits and advances---------------------
  AF89 - Other accounts receivable excluding trade credits and advances---------------------
AFCFA - NET FINANCIAL ASSETS---------------------

Character „ - “: the given data do not exist, they are confidential or are not yet available.

At EU level are the quarterly financial accounts published on the website of the European Central Bank:


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CY - Central Bank of Cyprus statistics-cy[at]
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