Data Categories of SDDS

Due to the Mexican financial crisis, the IMF worked up a "Special Data Dissemination Standard" within 1996. This involves an information project based upon voluntariness, which is focused on a standardization of the macroeconomic data of the IMF member countries. Participants are obliged to provide to the Fund the meta data and the methodology of 17 data categories, which represent their fiscal, real, financial and external sector (see "Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board"). They are obliged to follow and release this data categories in a "standard" prescribed extent, periodicity and timeliness. The Slovak Republic accessed to the project under a decision of the Government on August 27, 1996. The Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic is a national coordinator (see "national summary data page") and cooperates with the National Bank of Slovakia and the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic in colecting of the prescribed data. The National Bank of Slovakia is responsible for these categories: Analytical Accounts of the Banking Sector, Analytical Accounts of the Central Bank, Interest Rates, International Investment Position, Exchange Rates, Balance of Payments, Gross External Debt and International Reserves.

A part of the SDDS is also the Advance Release Calendar (for data categories in responsibility of the National Bank of Slovakia: January - June 2019).

On October 7, 1999, the International Monetary Fund issued an official notice on DSBB that the Slovak Republic fully met SDDS requirements of the coverage, periodicity and timeliness of statistical data, and of advance dissemination of release calendars.