Publications of Financial market supervision

Financial Stability Report - the intention of this report is to assess the financial system in Slovakia and present an overview of potential risks jeopardizing its stability. The report contains an assessment of international and domestic economic environment as well

Macroprudential Commentary informs about the current nature of the systemic risks (cyclical and structural), their assessment by NBS and the context for adopted decisions

Analysis of the Slovak Financial Sector - the aim of the analysis is to provide insight into the current state and development of the domestic financial sector and to draw the attention to the potential risks

Report on the Situation and Development of the Financial Market (in Slovak language only) presents a comprehensive integrated view on the financial sector and its parts, describes current trends in the financial market and the risks to which institutions of the financial market are exposed to

Report on the Activities of the Financial Market Supervision Unit (in Slovak language only) informs about the regulation, authorization, supervision and analytical and international activities of NBS Financial Market Supervision Unit as well as its activities aimed at financial consumer protection

Other Publications (in Slovak language only) - among these publications there can be found mainly the presentations of NBS meetings with representatives of the supervised entities, articles of the Financial Market Supervision Unit employees in the journal BIATEC, as well as former reports on the state of insurance sector for the years 2000-2005, published by the Financial Market Authority