Public use of the NBS Archives

The documents stored in the NBS Archives are used mostly by researchers, including professional domestic and foreign historians, economists, and students specialising in the history of the banking industry and economy in Slovakia. The Registry and Archives Section receives requests to view archival documents from natural persons and legal entities from Slovakia and abroad. Most of the requests are for access to written records required for restitution proceedings, including, for example, copies of documents pertaining to personal accounts, savings books, deposits with an agreed maturity and sight deposits established after 1945, mortgage loans, immovable property, transfers of savings (mainly from the United States and Canada to Slovakia), and valuables in a safe custody.

Any natural person or legal entity may, by law, have access to documents stored in the NBS Archives. The Registry and Archives Section will, on request, allow on-site access to archival documents or provide information from or about, or copies of, archival documents.

Persons who request the Registry and Archives Section to provide information from or about, or a copy of, an archival document, must state the following in the request:

  1. their full name;
  2. their address of permanent residence;
  3. what they know about the document;
  4. the purpose for which they intend to use the document;
  5. the full name and address of the natural person, or business name and registered office address of the legal entity, for whose purpose they request access to the document; and
  6. a statement as to whether they are the originator of the document, the originator's legal successor, or the owner of the document.

In addition, if requesting personal data from an archival document that is less than 90 years old, the applicant must submit written consent to the request from the person concerned or that person's legal representative, or, if that person is no longer alive, the written consent of that person's surviving next of kin.

Please send written requests for access to the NBS Archives to the following address:

Národná banka Slovenska
Registry and Archives Section
Imricha Karvaša 1
813 25 Bratislava 

E-mail: archiv[at]

Tel.: +421/2/5787 1213, 1217, 1250

The NBS Archives are open to the public at the following times:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
9 a.m. to 12 noon / 12:45 p.m. to 3 p.m.
The Archives are closed to the public in July, August and September.

In cases where on-site access to archival documents is provided, the documents may only be viewed in the Archives' reading room, where there is also access to archival catalogues and inventories, information about individual financial institutions, and publications from the auxiliary library. Persons given permission to view archival documents in the reading room are required to comply with the Research Code of Practice of the NBS Archives, which was issued as an NBS internal work regulation and approved by the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic.

Research Code of Practice of the NBS Archives (in Slovak only)