Information about Archive

The origin of the NBS Archive is directly linked with the establishment of Štátna banka československá (ŠBČS), which, as the legal successor of ceased financial institutions, took over, in addition to other liabilities, also the obligations arising from the administration and protection of their written files. For this purpose, on 31 August 1951, the historical and documentary unit was established by the Borough Institute of ŠBČS for Slovakia in Bratislava. Its duty was to collect, catalogue, safeguard and methodically guide the administration of important historical and documentary material of banks and former shareholding savings banks in Slovakia. The bank's management involved all the Slovak branches and sections administering relevant written documents or that could provide useful information about their localisation to this duty's fulfilment.

Archív NBS

Written records created by former financial institutions with seats in Bratislava and Western Slovakia were gradually gathered on the premises of the former monastery building in Marianka, near Bratislava. For other territorial parts of Slovakia, there were regional corporate archives established in Košice, Turčianske Teplice, later in Ružomberok and Nitra. Because the building in Marianka was not suitable for the permanent storing of archive documents and written files for various reasons, in the mid 1970's the bank's management started the construction of a new special-purpose building in Bratislava at Krajná Street. After the establishment of the Národná banka Slovenska (NBS), these premises were also used to store the archive funds from the former regional archives of Central and Eastern Slovakia. At present, thousands of normal metres of archive documents are deposited in two buildings of the NBS. In the headquarters building at Imricha Karvaša Street 1, there are files of ŠBČS and the NBS. In the bank's building at Cukrová Street 8, there are written files and archive funds of former financial institutions from the whole territory of Slovakia.

The NBS Archive provides information and consultations to a wide professional and non-professional public. When working on the administrative agenda, especially relating to the indemnification of World War II victims: restitution claims of applicants, it co-operates with various authorities and institutions in Slovakia and abroad. Archive workers comply with the Contract on Mutual Co-operation in the Use of Archive Funds, made by and between NBS and Česká národní banka on 11 December 2001, which ensures the delimitation of archive documents from the Archive of Česká národní banka with relation to Slovakia.

Archive employees publish the outcomes of their work in various periodicals. Between 1997 and 2003, the bank's magazine, Biatec, published a series of articles ‘Banking personalities in Slovakia', followed by the series ‘Financial Institutions in Slovakia'. In 2000, Archive workers published ‘Documents from the NBS Archive.' In 2002, the NBS Archive arranged a conference, ‘People, Money and Banks,' with the participation of leading professionals in the fields of archaeology, numismatics, economic history and linguistics from Slovakia and Czech Republic. The outcomes of their discussion are gathered in the almanac of the same name.

The Archive is a member of the European Association for Banking History, with its seat in Frankfurt am Main. In co-operation with this organisation an international conference, ‘Popular Banking and Financial Systems,' was held in May 2003 on the premises of the NBS.