Tatra banka

Tatra banka head office in MartinA landmark in Slovakia's banking history, "Tatra" hornouhorsk banka, astinrsky spolok ("Tatra" - Upper-Hungarian bank, joint stock company), with its head office in Turciansky Svaty Martin, was founded at a general assembly on February 2, 1885 and opened for business in August 1886. Apart from the founders Rudolf Krupec and Jan Milec, the board of directors included several supporters Tatra banka 200-crown share certificate from 1920of Slovakia's nationalist ambitions - Jan Francisci, Stefan Marko Daxner, Matus Dulla, Pavol Mudron, Peter Makovicky, etc. A series of failed ventures in America plunged the bank into a severe crisis lasting from 1911 to 1918. In 1919, an extraordinary general meeting voted to rename the bank Tatra banka, astinrsky spolok. In the lull between the two world wars, the bank ranked as one of largest financial enterprises in Slovakia with its 38 branches and 3 representative offices. With the January 1, 1948 merger of Slovenska banka and Tatra banka, the two became Slovenska Tatra banka, a national enterprise. In its final organization in 1950, the bank became part of the State Bank of Czecho-Slovakia. The Archive has some 220 meters of records from Tatra banka along with another 315 meters of documents left behind by Slovenska Tatra banka. Among the most interesting documents are annual reports and closing accounts dating back to 1899, statutes from 1903, internal directives and annual balance sheets.
  Tatra banka 200-crown share certificate from 1920