Archive Collections

The employees of the Archive of the Národná banka Slovenska (NBS) devote special attention to the creation of archive collections through the special-purpose selection of documentarily valuable records of an external origin. The variety of collections (e.g. paper media, photography, picture, bust, video records, audio records, film), their nature and the quantity of records in the collections, depends on the creator of the archive collection responsible for their selection. An advisory and initiative-bearing body of the Národná banka Slovenska, for the purpose of creating and extending its archive fund, is the Committee for the Acquisition and Valuation of Written, Picture, Audio and Other Recordings.

The NBS Archive currently includes the following collections:

  • Collection of exchange-rates
  • Collection of securities
  • Collection of corporate forms
  • Collection of photographs
  • Collection of stamps
  • Collection of audio-visual records