The standpoint of the NBS in the situation in the Dexia Banka Slovakia, a.s.

30. 10. 2008 | .

The representatives of the Dexia Kommunalkredit, the main/majority shareholder of the Dexia banka Slovensko (DBS), a.s. have informed Narodna banka Slovenska (NBS) on the situation that arose in during trading for clients of the Bank. The NBS actively cooperates with both, the shareholders of the Bank and the Bank itself in the solution of the emerged situation. The representatives of the Dexia Kommunalkredit Bank shareholder have informed Narodna banka Slovenska on the procedure of the solution of the above-mentioned situation. They will ensure that the trading loss will not significantly affect the economy of the Dexia banka Slovensko, a.s.  Currently, the NBS is reviewing the trades conducted by the Dexia banka Slovensko, a.s. for clients of the Bank and the circumstances of the closed transactions. On the basis of achieved results, it will take respective measures in compliance with the law.  According to information received by the NBS from the DBS main/majority shareholder relating to the intended steps prepared by the DBS, the NBS considers the Dexia baka Slovensko, a.s. a stable one and does not see any reason for depositors to be concerned about their deposits.

Jana Kovacova
Spokesperson of the NBS

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