AMI-SeCo NSG (from ECB website)

The AMI-SeCo NSGs shall support the AMI-SeCo in fulfilling its roles and responsibilities (as set out in the AMI-SeCo mandate) and provide input to the work of the AMI-SeCo. With regard to T2S matters specifically, AMI-SeCo NSGs in markets participating in T2S are inparticular responsible for:

- assessing the impact of the T2S functionality, and in particular any changes in the T2S user requirements, on their national market; when doing so, due consideration should be given to the concept of a ‘lean T2S' that aims at avoiding national specificities and at promoting harmonisation;

- being involved in the change and release management process where they can play an important role in assessing such requests in the context of the operation of the national markets;

- contributing to the monitoring and implementation tasks associated with the T2S harmonization activities supported by the AMI-SeCo;

- bringing material concerns of the national market to the attention of the AMI-SeCo;

- raising the awareness of T2S in all segments of the national securities clearing and settlement community;

- supporting the AMI-SeCo members representing the national community.

While fulfilling their responsibilities, the AMI-SeCo NSGs shall adhere to the high standards  of transparency.

AMI-SeCo NSG-SK was established in Slovak Republic in September 2017 as follower of NUG-SK (that was established in 2009).

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