IBAN - Slovak Republic


Account Number Structure

  123456-1234567890/1234 or
19-8742637541/1200 or
  Identifying Min/Max Fills Wxample
a1 123456 Account number (prefix) 0/6n 0 0&
a2 1234567890 Account number (basic) 2/10n 0 0&
b 1234 or
Bank code 4/4n or
    Total 6/20n or
6/23 an

The first part of the account number (a1 or prefix) is optional and has a maximum of six digits. The second part (a2 or basic) is mandatory and may be between two and ten digits.

In addition, the bank code, b, consists of either only numeric characters or only alphabetic characters.

The National Bank of Slovakia provides the table with valid bank codes: Directory of identification codes for the domestic payment system in the Slovak Republic.

Check digits are included in the account number in the first part a1 (prefix) and in the second part a2 (basic).

National name(s)

  Cislo uctu
a1 123456 Prva cast cisla uctu (predcislie)
a2 1234567890 Druha, zakladna cast cisla uctu
b 1234 or
Kod banky

National usage

Each institution applies its own interpretation of the account number components. Both forms of the Bank code are used (either numeric or alphabetic) in internal accounting bank systems. The standardised account number structure is applied in interbank payment instructions by all financial institutions.

Electronic transmission

123456 1234567890 1234
or 1234567890 ABCDEFG

There are always two or three separated fields:

  • First part of the account number (prefix) which is optional
  • Second part of the account number (basic)
  • Bank code

Examples of written representation

Correct representation Traditional representation Account number only
000019 8742637541 1200 19-8742637541/1200 19-8742637541
000000 6713805498 SLPO 6713805498 /SLPO 6713805498

On invoices issued by a Slovak supplier or on commercial letters, the account number is usually structured as shown in the second column. In these cases

  • the separators used between the firs part and the second part of the account number are shown as blanks, hyphens or slashes
  • the Bank code is preceded by a slash.

Check algorithm

A Modulus 11-check algorithm with weights is used to validate the account number structure. The weight table to be used for

  • the first part (prefix) is 10,5,8,4,2,1
  • the second part (basic) is 6,3,7,9,10,5,8,4,2,1

To validate the first and second parts of the account number, the digits are multiplied by their respective weights, added up and divided by 11. The remainder must be zero.

Customer support

The number is indicated on: Comments
Documents to customer Mostly
Account statements Always
Debit cards Never
Cheques Always
Commercial documents Mostly
ATM receipts Mostly

Alternative account numbering systems for payments

The Slovak Republic does not have an alternative numbering systems for processing payment instructions.

Postgiro accounts

The Slovak Republic does not have a Postgiro system.


  1212 1234 1234 5612 3456 7890 SK31 1200 0000 1987 4263 7541
  Identifying Length Start position
d 12 ISO Country Code 2a 1
e 12 Check Digits (IBAN) 2n 3
b 1234 Bank code 4n 5
a1 123456 Account number (prefix) 6n 9
a2 1234567890 Account number (basic) 10n 15
    Total 24an  

Only the numeric bank code is used in the creation of the IBAN.


The electronic format of the IBAN is composed of 24 contiguous alphanumeric characters.

The paper representation of the IBAN is composed of 24 alphanumeric characters and is structured in groups of 4 characters separated by blanks.


Electronic format Paper format
SK3112000000198742637541 SK31 1200 0000 1987 4263 7541

Issuing start date

1 May 2004

Contact Point

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