Mobilisation / demobilisation of marketable eligible assets on cross-border basis

For mobilisation / demobilisation of eligible assets on cross-border basis, the correspondent central banking model (CCBM) is used.

The CCBM1 is a mechanism established by the European System of Central Banks with the purpose to ensure that all marketable and non-marketable assets eligible for use in monetary policy operations or to obtain liquidity in TARGET2 are made available to all its Eurosystem counterparties, regardless of where the assets or the counterparty are situated. Under the CCBM, the national central banks (NCBs) acts as custodians for each other in respect of assets accepted in their local depository (hereinafter 'depository').

NBS uses the CCBM, acting as the home central bank (HCB) for Slovak counterparties mobilising / demobilising eligible assets on a cross-border basis, and as the correspondent central bank (CCB) for other NCBs and cross-border counterparties when mobilising /  demobilising Slovak eligible assets held in CDCP .