Macroeconomic database

Frequency and transformations
The database contains annual data (A), quarterly data (Q) and monthly data (M). It also contains various data transformations conditional on data frequency. E.g. for data of quarterly frequency, following transformations can be selected: quarterly change (QoQ – comparison with the previous quarter, seasonally adjusted data) and annual change (YoY – comparison with the same quarter of the previous year).

Description of the time series
The name of given indicator is followed by more detailed description of the time series in brackets. Abbreviations in alphabetical order are listed below (see list).

Data sources
Source data published by different domestic and foreign institutions (see list) are processed by the NBS in order to obtain dynamics, real variables etc. For the data that are published in the database without the NBS computational input, the institution that published the original time series is stated as a source. For the time series that are transformed from the original source (level) data by the NBS into various transformations (e.g. mothly dynamics), the NBS is stated as a source. Rounding effects may arise in the computation of the transformations and may be a source of discrepancy between the data published by the source institutions and the NBS.

The database is usually updated on the day following the publication of given indicator in line with the release calendars, and therefore, the macroeconomic database may not always correspond with the database of the source institution, especially when interim reviews of the data are conducted in terms not specified in the release calendars.

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Alphabetical list of used abbreviations
Abbreviation Explanatory text
% Percent
% of Export Percent of Export
% of GDP Percent of GDP
% of potential output Percent of potential output
% of total Percent of total
% p.a. Percent per annum
%/100 One hundredth of Percent
Per mille
absolute change absolute change
annual annual
AT Austria
average=100 average=100
balances Difference between the percentages of respondents giving positive and negative replies
BE Belgium
benchmark=50 benchmark=50
cash cash based
CG central government
contribution in percentage points contribution in percentage points
CZ Czech Republic
DE Germany
EA Eurozone
EAexDE Eurozone excluding Germany
ES Spain
Eur Eur
EUR/m2 price in Euro per square meter
FR France
GDP Gross domestic product
GG general government
Government consolidated gross debt government consolidated gross debt
gross data gross data
hours/employee Number of hours worked per employee
HU Hungary
CH Switzerland
change in balances change in balances
index index
index 1982=100 Average index of year 1982 = 100
index 1982-84=100 average of years 1982 to 1984 = 100
index 1993M1=100 Index of January 1993 = 100
index 1993Q1=100 Average index of first quarter 1993 = 101
index 2005=100 Average index of year 2005 = 100
index 2007=100 Average index of year 2007 = 100
index 2010=100 Average index of year 2010 = 100
index Dec 2000=100 Index of December 2000 = 100
index Dec 2009=100 Index of December 2009 = 100
index Dec 2010=100 Index of December 2010 = 100
index of deflated turnover index of deflated turnover
IT Italy
LG local government
long-term average=100 long-term average=100
mil. Eur Milions of Eur
mil. Eur (FOB) millions of Eur (free of board)
mil. kg Milions of kilograms
mil. of hours Millions of hours
mil. of persons Millions of persons
milion of USD milion of USD
monthly average monthly average
n nominal
Net lending (+)/Net borrowing (-) Net lending (+)/Net borrowing (-)
Net lending (+)/Net borrowing (-) under the EDP Net lending (+)/Net borrowing (-) under the Excessive Deficit Procedure
NL Netherlands
nsa Not seasonally adjusted
p.p. Percentage points
p.p./100 percentage points divided by 100
PL Poland
points points
ppy prices of previous year
quarterly average quarterly average
r real
rating rating
ratio ratio
sa, index seasonally adjusted index
saldo saldo
SB state budget
SE Sweden
SK Slovakia
SKK/1000ITL Bilateral exchange rate SKK/1000ITL
SKK/100BEF Bilateral exchange rate SKK/100BEF
SKK/100ESP Bilateral exchange rate SKK/100ESP
SKK/100HUF Bilateral exchange rate SKK/100HUF
SKK/ATS Bilateral exchange rate SKK/ATS
SKK/CNY Bilateral exchange rate SKK/CNY
SKK/CZK Bilateral exchange rate SKK/CZK
SKK/DEM Bilateral exchange rate SKK/DEM
SKK/FRF Bilateral exchange rate SKK/FRF
SKK/GBP Bilateral exchange rate SKK/GBP
SKK/KRW Bilateral exchange rate SKK/KRW
SKK/NLG Bilateral exchange rate SKK/NLG
SKK/PLN Bilateral exchange rate SKK/PLN
SKK/RUB Bilateral exchange rate SKK/RUB
SKK/USD Bilateral exchange rate SKK/USD
SR Slovak Republic
SSF social security funds
swda Seasonally adjusted and adjusted data by working days
thousand cars thousand cars
thousands thousands
thousands hours thousands hours
thousands of persons thousands of persons
UA Ukraine
UK United Kingdom
US United States
USD American dollar
wda Data adjusted by working days
Source institutions
Abbreviation Explanatory text
Act No. 663/2007+B2:B38 Coll. on the minimum wage Act on the minimum wage (No. 663/2007 Coll.)
ARDAL Agency for Debt and Liquidity Management
Bureau of Labor Statistics Bureau of Labor Statistics (United States)
CBR Council for Budget Responsibility
CF Consensus Forecast
COFOG Classification of functions of government
EC European Commission
ECB European Central Bank
ESA European system of national and regional accounts
Eurostat Statistical Office of the European Communities
Federal Reserve Bank Federal Reserve Bank (United States)
Fitch Ratings Fitch rating agency
Ifo Institute Ifo Institute for Economic Research (Germany, Euro area)
IMF International Monetary Fund
Institute for Supply management Institute for Supply Management (United States)
Japan Credit Rating Agency Japan Credit Rating Agency
LFS Labour Force Survey
Military social security office Military social security office (Slovak Republic)
Ministry of interior Ministry of interior
MoF Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic
Moody’s Rating agency Moody’s
MSS Monthly statistical sources of the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic
NAIRU Non-accelerating inflation rate of unemployment
NBS National Bank of Slovakia
NBS calculations National Bank of Slovakia calculations
OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
QSS Quarterly statistical statements of the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic
Rating and Investment Information Rating and Investment Information
Reuters Reuters
SASS The Slovak Association of Asset Management Companies
SIC Social Insurance Agency in Slovakia
SO SR Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic
Standard & Poor’s Rating agency Standard & Poor’s
Treasury State Treasury System
UPSVAR Central Office of Labour, Social affairs and Family
US Department of Commerce United States Department of Commerce
ZEW Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung

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