Macroeconomic database

Macroeconomic database was originally developed for internal use of several departments of the NBS with the intention to create a common working platform and to arrange the analytical time series in as detailed structure as possible. Consequently, the idea arose to make the database freely accessible to the general public, albeit as a testing version.

Remarks or suggestions concerning the macroeconomic database (that will be considered at regular cycles) can be sent to makroekonomickadatabaza[at]

The database is divided into eight areas of selectable basic macroeconomic indicators: GDP, labor market, prices, public sector, balance of payments, external environment, monthly indicators and financial markets.

Considering the differing needs of users, the database is constructed in two forms for greater comfort: in the tree structure and as a data filter. In both cases, the selected data are presented in tabular and graphical form and can be downloaded into a data format.

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