Reports and publications

Národná banka Slovenska believes that an important aspect of its contribution to financial stability is to keep the public regularly informed about financial sector stability and about any trends that could jeopardise that stability. Awareness and discussion of such issues is essential, particularly since financial stability is affected not only by financial sector institutions, but also by the behaviour of other non-financial corporations and individuals.

For this purpose, Národná banka Slovenska publishes twice yearly the Financial Stability Report. Report presents comprehensible and clear information on the development of factors influencing financial stability in Slovakia, focusing on the most significant risks to stability. 

NBS publishes once a year the Analysis of the Slovak Financial Sector. Analysis provides an overview of the current state and development in the domestic financial sector and draws attention to potential risks.

Twice a year, NBS publishes the Report on the Situation and Development of the Financial Market (in Slovak language only), which presents a comprehensive integrated view of the financial sector and its parts, discusses current trends in the financial markets and the risks to which institutions of the financial market are exposed to.

In addition to its decisions on the setting of macroprudential policy instrument, Národná banka Slovenska publishes a Quarterly Commentary. The main purpose of these commentaries is to provide information in a timely and relevant manner on the current nature of systemic risks of a cyclical and structural nature, on NBS's assessment of these risks, and on the reasoning of its decisions.

In Other Related Information, Národná banka Slovenska publishes in particular professional articles, presentations and other publications relating to macroprudential policy.