Data and indicators

For transparency in conducting macroprudential policy,  Národná banka Slovenska publishes the main indicators in this policy field:

  • Analytical Data of the Financial Sector provide a quarterly time series for individual parts of the financial market - banks, insurance companies, 2nd and 3rd pillars of the pension system, collective investment, investment firms, the Stock Exchange and the Central Securities Depository. Data are available on the numbers of institutions, the structure of assets, liabilities and assets under management, profitability, and other indicators which can be used as indicators of financial stability. These data are also available for specific segments of the financial market.
  • Macroprudential Indicators - an overview of indicators from the aspect of financial stability, broken down by risk type
  • Indicators related to the countercyclical capital buffer
  • Indicators from Quarterly Commentaries - overview of key indicators, by macroprudential policy objectives (update: 10.1.2022)