The obligation to pay a fee arises when an application is lodged for the performance of an action which is subject to that fee. The fee payer must pay the fee not later than five working days after lodging the application.

Each fee is to be paid separately. After paying the fee, the fee payer must submit to NBS proof of the fee's payment, not later than the expiry of the time limit for the decision on the application.

Fees are payable to NBS upon the lodging of:

  • an application for:
  1. the issuance of an authorisation or licence;
  2. the extension or other amendment of an existing authorisation or licence;
  3. the granting of an approval or prior approval;
  4. the amendment of an existing approval or prior approval;
  5. the approval of an act, prospectus or other document;
  • an appeal against a first-instance decision on an application referred to above;
  • an application for the issuance of a duplicate authorisation, a duplicate licence, a duplicate permission, a duplicate approval, a duplicate prior approval, or a duplicate of another NBS decision;
  • an application for a copy of the minutes or other document from the file of proceedings;
  • an application for the performance of an act under a separate law (for example, the conduct of professional examinations):
  1. fees for the conduct of professional examinations and professional certification examinations under Act No 186/2009 Coll. (in Slovak language only)

Fee amounts

The amount of each fee is laid down in NBS Decree No 8/2012 of 20 November 2012 on fees for acts performed by Národná banka Slovenska, NBS Decree No 8/2013 of 30 September 2013 amending Decree No 8/2012, NBS Decree No 3/2015 of 31 March 2015 amending Decree No 8/2012 (as amended by NBS Decree No 8/2013), and NBS Decree No 33/2015 of 15 December 2015 amending Decree No 8/2012 (as amended).