Supervisory authorities

Supervisory authorities enforce and verify compliance with the rules established by the State to ensure the proper functioning of the market and to protect the rights of consumers. Supervisory authorities have no right to deal with disputes between consumers and service providers. Such disputes may only be handled and settled by a court or out-of-court body.

Supervisory authorities may prohibit companies from acting in a manner that violates the rights of consumers, using evidently unfavourable contractual terms and conditions, or publishing advertisements that are inconsistent with the legal requirements.

Národná banka Slovenska

Národná banka Slovenska is responsible for ensuring compliance with the rights of financial consumers. In so doing, NBS protects consumers first and foremost against the use of fraudulent business practices, disadvantageous contractual terms and conditions, advertisements inconsistent with the legal requirements, and against other forms of abuse of powers by financial service providers. The following areas fall within its competence: banking, insurance, securities market, payment services, pension saving, financial intermediation, and consumer credit and other lending to consumers. If you decide to make a submission to Národná banka Slovenska, proceed according to these instructions.

The Antimonopoly Office of the SR

The Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic protects economic competition and creates conditions for its further development. With this end in view, the Office intervenes, if necessary, against businesses that tend to misuse their dominant market position. In so doing, the Office focuses on business practices that cause most damage to consumers. If you suspect that a service provider misuses its monopoly position in the market, you should report this to the Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic.

The Council for Broadcasting and Retransmission

The Council supervises radio and television broadcasting, retransmission and, if requested, the provision of audio-visual and media services. To lodge a complaint about non-compliance with the rules of broadcast advertising and telesales, please follow the instructions given on the website of the Council for Broadcasting and Retransmission.

The Slovak Trade Inspection

The Slovak Trade Inspection is a general market supervisor in charge of consumer protection in the internal market, except in the market for food, tobacco products and cosmetics. It has no supervisory power over the financial market, which is supervised by Národná banka Slovenska. The Slovak Trade Inspection is authorised to impose sanctions for the use of fraudulent business practices and/or unacceptable contractual terms, and to verify compliance with the legal requirements concerning advertising in all areas, except financial services.

You can turn to the Slovak Trade Inspection when, for example, you as a financial consumer are complaining about something you have bought on credit, rather than about your credit agreement. The contact data and other information are available on the Slovak Trade Inspection's website.

The Office for Personal Data Protection

The Office for Personal Data Protection has nationwide competence in Slovakia. If you have a suspicion that your personal data are processed without your permission or are misused, you may request the Office to examine the case according to the instructions that are available on its website.