How to tackle a problem with a financial service?

There is always a way to find a remedy to a problem.  Follow the steps illustrated below:


1. Define the problem as precisely as you can and identify its cause.

Specify what you want to achieve. If you are going to complaint, you must state what you are unsatisfied with and what sort of remedy you suggest.

2. Contact the provider of the financial service in question.

Describe the matter you are unsatisfied with and state how you would deal with it. Communicate with the service provider by letter (mail or email) or verbally (in person or by phone through the customer service line). Do not put off this process if you have no reason to do so. If you are complaining about the quality or correctness of a financial service provided, the service provider is obliged to deal with, and respond to, your complaint.

The filing of a complaint is to be distinguished from the situation when you are unable to meet your contractual commitment (e.g. to make loan repayments). In such a situation, do not hesitate to contact in writing the service provider well in advance. Inform the service provider of your temporary debt serving incapacity, ask them to put off the due date or to reduce the amount of repayments.

3. If you are not satisfied with the handling of your complaint by the service provider concerned, you can turn to another authority which may help you to remedy the situation. You have the following possibilities:

You can hire an impartial out-of-court body to mediate between you and the service provider concerned. You can also turn to Národná banka Slovenska or to another competent supervisory authority. If the service provider is a member of a professional association and is tied by its ethical code, you may also lodge a complaint to that association.

4. If all the previous options fail, you may take the case to court.

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