5. What to do when an insurance event occurs?

Proceed as follows:

  • INFORM the insurer without delay that an insurance event (e.g. a traffic accident) has occurred;
  • EXPLAIN truthfully how that event took place and what are the consequences (e.g. who caused the accident, how is your car damaged, etc.);
  • PROVIDE the insurer with any document it requests in connection with the insurance event (e.g. police report, record of the accident, etc.).

Each insurance firm has its own procedure which you must observe. For example, an insurance event must be reported within two or three days.  In the case of motor third-party liability insurance, the time limit for reporting a traffic accident is 15 days for an accident in Slovakia and 30 days for an accident abroad.  The list of the documents you are to present when reporting an insurance event may be included in the contract or published on the insurer's website,  along with the lender's contact data to which an insurance event is to be reported.  If you have signed an insurance contract with an agent or a bank from which you have a loan, rather than directly with the insurer (e.g. debt servicing capacity insurance), verify whether you are to report an insurance event to the insurer, agent or the bank. 

Are you required to present proofs?

You are obliged to present any document the insurer requires.  If, however, the insurer requires documents or proofs that are unrelated to the matter in question or are unavailable or simply absurd, you should PROTEST.


  • File a complaint with the insurer and request an explanation. If you are not satisfied with the answer, lodge a complaint to Národná banka Slovenska.


Národná Banka Slovenska has no authority to order an insurance firm to pay you the amount it has agreed to pay in the insurance contract.  Such an order may be issued by a court only.  BEAR IN MIND that if you hesitate too much (for more than four years after the insurance event) before you bring the case to COURT, the insurer will no longer be obliged to pay.  After four years, your insurance claim will lapse according to the statute of limitation. Limitation means that if the insurer pleads limitation before court, it will not be obliged to settle your claim.

More than a month has passed since you reported an insurance event and you have not received any money from the insurer. When you report an insurance event and present all the necessary documents to an insurer, it will carry out an examination to check whether, for example, you told the truth about the insurance event, the damage for which you claim compensation, etc. The insurer must complete that EXAMINATION within one month after the insurance event was reported and the documents presented. If the insurer fails to do so, you may request an advance payment and the insurer must meet that request, but such payment is not provided automatically.

What to do when the insurer refuses to meet your claim? Or when the insurer does not respond to your request? If you have reported an insurance event and met your obligations in full but the insurer refuses to pay or pays you less than it has agreed to pay in the insurance contract or fails to respond to your request, PROTEST.