How to arrange insurance

Are you afraid of getting ill or having an accident while on holiday abroad? Or worried about what may  happen if your luggage gets lost or your car breaks down?  You have recently bought a new flat or car and you are worried that it may be robbed, damaged or destroyed.  Has it ever occurred to you that you may become unable to pay your bills or loan instalments or to support you family if you lose your job, fall ill or die?  You must have ever been considering buying insurance for such cases or you have already done so.  We all may get into a situation during our lives when we start thinking about how we could protect ourselves or our family against an unfortunate event.

1. What is insurance?

2. What should you consider when deciding to take out insurance?

3. What  should you pay attention to when arranging insurance?

4. Have you signed an insurance contract but changed your mind?

5. What to do when an insurance event occurs?