Bank account switching

If you are dissatisfied with your current bank's services, you can switch your account to another bank. There is a broad selection of banks in the market so you can choose a bank whose products and services meet your needs in every respect. Bank account switching is free and easy to arrange from the administrative point of view.

A bank account switching request can be made in person at a branch of the new bank. The request must contain the date from which your direct debits and standing orders are to be executed by the new bank. This date must not be earlier than 20 days after your request is accepted by the new bank. On the basis of your request, the former bank must send the new bank detailed information about the direct debits and standing orders you had in your original account. According to that information, the new bank will establish direct debits and standing orders in your new account. You can also request the new bank to inform all the persons and companies that make regular payments to the credit of your account of your new account number and of the date from which these payments are to be transferred to your new account.