Payment services

The following payment services are used most frequently by holders of current accounts:

  • cash deposits into a current account;
  • cash withdrawals from a current account at a branch or from an ATM;
  • transfers of non-cash payments to a current account;
  • payments made by card;
  • payments for goods or services through direct debits or standing orders.

When placing a payment order, fill in the obligatory fields of the form with due care and attention. If the account number (IBAN), amount, maturity and variable symbol are entered correctly, your payment order will be executed without any problems. If, however, your payment order is not carried out through the bank's fault or owing to a shortage of funds in the account, the bank will notify you of this fact.

Time limits for payments

Since Slovakia is part of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), non-cash payments in euro are subject to the same time limits as in the SEPA.

Within the SEPA, payments between domestic banks are completed no later than on day D+1, while D is the day when the payment order is placed. Payments made within the same bank are normally completed on the same day.

Cross-border payment orders, i.e. orders for payments outside the SEPA, or in a currency other than EUR, are normally executed on day D+2.


  • If you place a payment order through the online banking facility on Monday, the money should be credited to the recipient's account held in another bank on Tuesday at the latest.
  • Since only a working day is counted as a day, a payment order placed on Friday will not be executed before Monday.