Basic information on the supervisory activities of Národná banka Slovenska aimed at protecting the rights of financial consumers:

What is the goal of supervision?

Národná banka Slovenska exercises supervision to safeguard the rights of financial consumers and other customers with the aim of ensuring the safe and sound functioning of the financial market.* To this end, NBS uses any lawful instrument to:

  • ensure that only services respecting the lawful interests of consumers are offered in the financial market;
  • support the provision of transparent and clear information to consumers about the financial services offered;
  • increase the level of financial literacy among consumers.
Dohliadané inštitúcie

Who is supervised?

Techniky dohľadu

Supervisory techniques


Sanctions and

Supervision of financial institutions is not public and is subject to the duty of confidentiality.* For this reason, we must not inform you about the exercise of supervision and the measures adopted.