How to file a complaint

Preventive measure in connection with the coronavirus (COVID-19): The National Bank of Slovakia has cancelled the individual personal consultations of the financial consumer complaints until an official revoke.

How to proceed if you are unsatisfied with the practices of a financial institution.

Podanie sťažnosti

If you want to lodge a complaint against a financial service provider, you should proceed as follows:

1. File a complaint with the financial service provider concerned

You should first turn for a remedy to the financial service provider you have a problem with. Financial institutions are required by law to deal with, and respond to, consumer complaints. To file a complaint, you should use one of the options enabled by the financial service provider concerned (customer line, mail, email, delivery in person). If the financial service provider is a bank and you fail to negotiate a remedy, you can contact the banking ombudsman.

2. File a complaint with NBS

If you are not satisfied with the handling of your complaint by the financial service provider concerned, you can lodge a complaint to Národná banka Slovenska in writing or in electronic form. 

Národná banka Slovenska is a central contact place for the registration and handling of complaints received from financial consumers.  It accepts complaints delivered by mail or email.  We recommend you to send your complaint together with the supporting documents (e.g. a copy of the contract, the general terms and conditions, insurance terms and conditions, records of mail and email communication with the financial institution concerned, etc.).

A complaint can be filed in the following forms:

  • by email - an electronic form is to be completed and sent by email, with the supporting documents attached;
  • by mail - a printed form is to be completed and sent by mail, with the supporting documents attached, to the following address:

      Národná banka Slovenska
      Financial Consumer Protection Department
      Imricha Karvaša 1
      813 25 Bratislava