€100 gold collector coin

Bratislava coronations – 450th anniversary of the coronation of Maximilian

The coronation of Maximilian was the first coronation ceremony in Pressburg (today's Bratislava), which was the capital and coronation town of Hungary from 1536. It took place on 8 September 1563 in the Parish Church dedicated to St. Martin (today's St. Martin's Cathedral). The coronation was an exceptional event and was followed by the whole of Europe. The ceremony was attended by Maximilian's father - the Emperor and King Ferdinand, the high clergy and the nobility, as well as by leading representatives of almost all European countries. In later years, the next ten Hungarian sovereigns were crowned in Pressburg.

Maximilian (1527-1576) was a highly educated ruler and generous benefactor of the arts and science. Although for the most part of his ruling period he resided outside the territory of Hungary, he dedicated much of his efforts to defence it against Turkish onslaught. The result of his military successes was the conclusion of peace with Sultan Selim II in 1568.

Description of the coin



The obverse side shows the Hungarian royal crown set between lines of decorative beads. The lower half of the design features a period depiction of Bratislava Castle, and to the right is the coat of arms of the Slovak Republic. Along the upper edge is the name of the issuing country "SLOVENSKO" followed by the denomination and currency "100 EURO". The year "2013" appears below the crown. The mint mark of the Kremnica Mint and the stylised initials of the coin's designer, Karol Ličko, are located on the left-hand side, next to the crown.




On the reverse side is a portrait of Maximilian, juxtaposed with a period depiction of St Martin's Cathedral, where the king was crowned, and the coronation orb, all framed by a circle of decorative beads. The coronation year "1563" appears next to the portrait. Along the edge are the inscriptions "KORUNOVÁCIA MAXIMILIÁNA" and "BRATISLAVA".

Coin’s data

Designer: Karol Ličko
Material: Au 900, Ag 75, Cu 25 
Weight: 9,5 g
Diameter: 26 mm
Edge: milled
Producer: Kremnica Mint
Engraver: Dalibor Schmidt
Number of pieces minted:

4,300 coins in proof quality 

Issuing date: 18 November 2013

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