€100 gold collector coin

Bratislava coronations – 275th anniversary of the coronation of Maria Theresa

The father of Maria Theresa, the emperor Charles VI, had no living male descendant and so he tried to ensure his daughter’s smooth accession to the throne by various agreements and treaties. This plan did not succeed. After his death in 1740 the European powers, led by Prussia, launched an attack on her inheritance and Maria Theresa became embroiled in a long fight to secure her rights. Only the Hungarian estates recognised her as her father’s successor and remained loyal to her. They strongly supported her in her wars and agreed to her coronation as Queen of Hungary. The day chosen for the coronation was 25 June 1741. The coronation ceremony took place in Bratislava (then Pressburg), which was the coronation city of the Hungarian Kingdom from 1563 to 1830. During her reign from 1740 to 1780, Maria Theresa gradually reformed practically every area of public and economic life according to Enlightenment principles. Her statesmanship, political skills and reforms earned her respect and admiration even among her opponents. She died on 29 November 1780 in Vienna.

Description of the coin



Placed in an oval medallion, the obverse side of the coin depicts a historical scene from Maria Theresa’s coronation parade. To the right of the medallion is the coat of arms of the Slovak Republic. The name of the issuing country ‘SLOVENSKO’ is inscribed in the upper part of the coin. In the lower part is the denomination and currency ‘100 EURO’, separated from the year ‘2016’ by a graphic mark. The Kremnica Mint mark ‘MK’ and the stylised initials of the coin designer Vladimír Pavlica ‘VP’ are placed to the left of the medallion.




The reverse side of the coin shows a portrait of Maria Theresa placed in an oval medallion. Along the edge are the texts ‘KORUNOVÁCIA MÁRIE TERÉZIE’ (Coronation of Maria Theresa) and ‘BRATISLAVA’, and the coronation year ‘1741’, which are separated by graphic marks.

Coin’s data

Designer: Vladimír Pavlica
Material: Au 900, Ag 75, Cu 25
Weight: 9.5 g
Diameter: 26 mm
Edge: milled
Producer: Kremnica Mint
Engraver: Dalibor Schmidt
Number of pieces minted:

4,300 in proof quality

Issuing date: 17 May 2016

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