National sides of Slovak euro coins

€2 – national sides
€1 – national sides
A double cross on three hills as featured in the Slovak coat of arms, one of the state symbols of Slovakia. The cross is set within the central circular field against a relief background of stylised rocks, symbolising the state's permanence and stability.
Designed by Ivan Řehák.
50 cent
50 Cents
20 cent
20 Cents
10 cent
10 Cents
Bratislava Castle, the dominant landmark of Slovakia's capital city and the country's most visited national heritage site. The castle design incorporates the Slovak coat of arms, one of the state symbols of Slovakia.
Designed by Ján Černaj and Pavol Károly.
5 cent
5 Cents
2 cent
2 Cents
1 cent
1 Cent
Kriváň in the High Tatra Mountains, a peak associated with significant events in Slovak national history. As the destination for 'national excursions' undertaken by followers of Ľudoviť Štúr, Kriváň played a significant role in the 19th century Slovak national revival movement. It was also a base for partisans during the Slovak National Uprising in the latter stages of the Second World War. With such a history, Kriváň has become a symbol of national self-determination and Slovak territory.
Designed by Drahomír Zobek.

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