Timetable of the euro changeover in Slovakia

Stage IPrior to the entry into the ERM II

Till 25 November 2005 - Completing accession procedures to the ERM II with the bodies of the European Union

Stage II - Membership in the ERM II up until the decision on Slovakia's acceptance into the euro area

28 November 2005 - Entry into the ERM II

May 2008 - Convergence reports of the European Commission and the ECB

May - June 2008 - Evaluation procedure at European institutions

8 July 2008 - Decision of the Council of the EU on abrogation of derogation

8 July 2008 - Setting the SKK/EUR conversion rate by the Council of the EU

Stage III - Between the decision on Slovakia's acceptance into the euro area and the entry itself

July - December 2008 - Provision of the necessary quantity of euro banknotes and minting

of coins for cash circulation in the SR

September - December 2008 - Frontloading of commercial banks with the euro cash

November - December 2008 - Frontloading of the retail sector with the euro cash

24 August 2008 - 31 December 2009 - Mandatory dual display of prices

Till the end of December 2008 - Conversion of ATMs, vending machines and other equipment working with coins and banknotes

Stage IV - Following entry into the euro area

1 January 2009 - Entry into the euro area

Till 16 January 2009 - Dual circulation: exchange of koruna cash for euro and withdrawal

of the Slovak koruna from circulation

From 17 January 2009 - Continued exchange of the old koruna cash for euro

Till June 2010 - Recommended dual display of prices