Národná banka Slovenska On 23 May 2002, after its ceremonial opening, the new headquarters building of Národná banka Slovenska was put to use. Thanks to its architecture, the building ranks among notable landmarks of the Slovak capital, Bratislava. The composition principle of the building is based on the contrast between the strong horizontal base structure and the emergent glazed tower block.

The lower, horizontal part of the building provides space for operational functions of the central bank. An atrium with trees is added as an attractive and practical space. In the tower there is office space, conference hall and exhibition rooms. The underground parking space has capacity of 305 parking places. There are 23 lifts in the building, six of which, for personal transport, are high-speed lifts in the peripheral glazed lift well of the tower. The construction of the building is a monolithic skeleton of reinforced concrete with a system of structural columns and prefabricated components.

As regards its technical facilities, the building may be called "intelligent", since it meets the highest requirements as to economy of operation, ecology and quality of the working environment. The double facade allows for direct natural ventilation of offices and the fixating of anti-glare louvers outside the facade, which prevents overheating the rooms. Essential components of the system are also the cooled ceilings, which reduce the need for air conditioning of the offices. Another important element of the system is the optimization of power consumption through the use of a cogeneration unit. All technical functions and power supply of the building are operated by a state-of-the-art central control system aimed at the saving of operational costs.

Construction on the basis of the design winning public tender - the design of architects Martin Kusý and Pavol Panák - was started in 1996. The contractor of the building was the H-V-Z consortium (Hydrostav, a.s. Bratislava, Váhostav, a.s. Žilina and ZIPP, s.r.o. Bratislava). Engineering services were undertaken by the engineering consortium (Keramoprojekt, a.s. Trenčin, Keraming Trenčín and Chempik, a.s. Bratislava).

The Building of the NBS Headquarters - prospectus [.pdf, 5335.1 kB]

Technical parameters of the building

The building has 33 above-ground floors, including six floors in the horizontal base structure, and three below-ground floors, each including a mezzanine floor.

Height of the building
Built-up area
Useful area
Floor space
Building capacity
111 m
6 272 m2
56 492 m2
69 119 m2
1 005 employees

View over Bratislava from the highest floor