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Important findings of economic research are published in the NBS Working Papers (WP) series. The papers contribute to the professional discussions in relevant fields of monetary policy, fiscal policy, macroeconomic models, economic and monetary union, real convergence and financial stability. With the aim of addressing wider professional public new papers are primarily published in English. However, the full version is always accompanied by a non-technical summary in Slovak. Analysis and findings outside the scope of working papers are published occasionally (as Policy Paper - PP, Occasional Paper - OP or Discussion Paper - DP).

The most interesting results of the research are often published in professional and peer-reviewed scientific journals.

The research is usually conducted by Research Department staff, but contributions from other NBS departments or external co-authors are encouraged.

If you wish to be notified about new publications, please e-mail us at research[at]

Year  2016

WP 3/2016   
Export Characteristics and Output Volatility: Comparative Firm-Level Evidence for CEE Countries
Urška Čede, Bogdan Chiriacescu, Péter Harasztosi, Tibor Lalinský, Jaanika Merikull

WP 2/2016   
Fiscal Multipliers in Slovak Economy DSGE Simulation
Juraj Zeman

WP 1/2016   
Portmanteau Tests for Linearity of Stationary Time Series
Zacharias Psaradakis, Marian Vavra


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Older outputs of the Institute of Monetary and Financial Studies (former research oriented department of NBS) in years 1996-2004 are available here: IMFS papers