Pre-archive Care

The administration system of registry records in the Národná banka Slovenska represents complex care of the NBS registry records and a unified procedure for handling these records, i.e. receipt, classification, recording, circulation, creation, processing, dispatching, storing, protection, utilization, assessment and discarding.

Registry administration is an independent information system, the aim of which is the management of a huge volume of registry records arising from the activities of the NBS organizational units. A significant part of these records is of legal evidence and force. Its outcome is the expeditious provision of information within the required scope and quality. Internal methodological guidelines are adjusted to this system.

The conditions for the care of the NBS records are governed by the Guideline No. 45/2006 of the NBS Governor amending and supplementing the Guideline No. 47/2004 of the NBS Governor issuing the registry order, registry plan, archive order and research order of the Národná banka Slovenska, as amended.

The employees of the NBS registry centre receive, gather, record and search for registry records of all organisational units of the NBS headquarters and units of local offices of the NBS Bratislava, Nové Zámky and Trenčín. These registry records are deposited on three underground floors of the NBS headquarters building at Imricha Karvaša Street 1. The units of the local offices of the NBS Banská Bystrica (storing also the registry records from Lučenec and Žilina) and Košice (storing also the registry records from Humenné and Poprad) as well as the Museum of Coins and Medals in Kremnica have established their own registry centres.

The body supervising the administration of registry and archives of the NBS is the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic, Department of Archives and Registries.

The Act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic No. 503/2007 on Archives and Registries and on Amendments and Supplements of Some Acts pays special attention both to archive and registry systems. The legislation for the area of registry and archive administration stipulates the rights and obligations of registry creators and archive founders and the obligations of the registry administrators and archivists.